About Me

I have on many occasions been referenced as a “Jane” of all trades.  I am an avid crafter who always seems to have more projects in flight then finished.  I will on multiple occasions see something and say to myself "I'm sure I could make that myself".  I have dabbled with many crafts including, crocheting, knitting, screen printing, card making, sewing, quilting etc.  I love the feeling of making something handmade.  I am no expert on any of the crafts I do and definitely utilize available resources to learn as I go but enjoy creating things and challenging myself to learn new things and try something different.

Aside from crafting I have a wide array of other interests from sports and motorcycles to organizing and belly dancing.   I enjoy a challenge and welcome any opportunity to learn or try something new.

This forum will serve as an outlet for me to share my creative process and keep track of the different things I have created or attempted as well as share any tips or tricks I learn along the way.