Friday, June 17, 2016

Entering the World of Embroidery Design Digitizing

Last year I got the crazy notion in my head that I needed an embroidery machine.  I didn't have any specific project in mind or anything like that I just figured I needed to expand my sewing machine collection to include an embroidery machine.  I started looking and soon realized that embroidery machines were expensive new.  So I turned to trusty Craigslist.  Every couple of days or so I would go out and see what was out there and while there were good deals there just wasn't that mother of all deals out there.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

All About Diaper Cakes!!!

One of the wonderful things about being super crafty is I get to express that creativity when momentous occasion occur in the lives of those around me.  Of course when new babies arrive I seem to pull out all the stops on gifts.  For baby showers my favorite gift has become a diaper cake.  I found this out a couple years ago when I was co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend's first child.  After extensive searches on homemade shower gifts what kept coming up were these gorgeous diapers cakes.  I took it as a sign this is what I was supposed to create.