Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Organizing PDF Sewing Patterns

I have just recently dove into the world of online purchasing and using PDF patterns.  This all started when I kept seeing these amazingly cute photos of homemade underwear popping up all over my Facebook feeds and on Pinterest.  I was definitely intrigued by this pattern but kept telling myself "I really can't sew my own underwear can I?".  Well as I am sure you have guessed the answer was yes.
While I was super excited to enter into the world of sewing knits with these patterns I ran into an organizing problem.  I found perfect baskets at Target that work for my store bought patterns and they fit perfectly in with the rest of my sewing room decor but it didn't like the look of folded up printed out patterns sticking out of the baskets.  I figured somewhere someone would have created a sewing pattern cut file to use with my Silhouette Cameo.  After a little bit of searching without any results I decided to create my own cut file to use.